5.00 Julie wakes up to deal with Rachel
5.05 Rachel goes back to sleep
5.15 Call to prayer
6.40 Wake up
7.00 Pieta comes in ‘Shall I look after Rachel?’
7.01 Julie mumbles something
7.12 I get up
8.00 I record Pieta doing an audition piece for the high school she wants to go to back in Aus
8.15-9.15 In an effort to turn her audition recording into a DVD, I get very cross with iDVD, one of the more stupid Mac programs ever created. Finally get it finished and give to Tom and Lyn to post (they are returning to Australia today).
10.00-10.30 Go downstairs to talk to Tom and Lyn. Pack and repack our extra luggage bag that we want them to take home with them. Spend 30 mins talking to the airline to try to get excess baggage. This is denied. Unpack bag.
10.30-11.30 Talk to Tom about coming back to IAM long term, to work in Education support. Tom somewhat interested.
11.30 Coffee.
11.40 Go to work. Spend 40 mins talking to a Dutch guy who now works in Tajikistan, but who is interested in working here. Do a lot of enthusing. Can’t work out how to pronounce Dutch guy’s name. ‘Kher-jian’?
12.00 Lunch. Beans. Eat beans. Feel resentful.
1.00 Work. Send emails. Read about attack in Maimana, where a suicide bomb has gone off. Check our team is ok. Ponder.
2.00. Walk home to get ready to run Rangers for kids. Notice street is blocked by police. Ask Police what is happening. ‘There is a bomb over there’, says policeman, gesturing to house opposite our office. Note with alarm that while police have stopped vehicle, foot traffic through target area is still being permitted. Including me.
2.01 Walk more quickly. Phone our security guy. Phone neighbouring NGOS. Phone school. Walking quickly still. Get home. Issue radio alert to all stations. Phone more people. Look around. Feel a bit aimless all of a sudden. Like, waiting for something to happen.
2.45 Time for Rangers with kids. Road still blocked due to bomb, drive carefully. At Rangers, do tugs of war, trust falls, talk about moral vs physical courage. Large child falls on my recently-reinfected thumb, only just now healing. Say a bad word, but quietly.
4.15 Notification received that road is open. Advised that bomb has been dealt with/ disposed of/ found to be not bomb/ found to be a suitcase/ found to be a hoax. Keep doing Rangers.
5.00 Rangers finishes, kids happy. Thumb not happy.
5.30 Home.
6.00 Dinner.
6.15 Elijah has friend over for sleepover. Usual evening stuff starts. Email and phone calls to debrief bomb situation. Drink home made red.


One thought on “Today

  1. Another day at the office. Apart from thee bomb, not all that dissimilar to mine. Mind you, a bomb threat is fairly substantial and must have a profound impact on mental well being, particularly as it is a regular part of your routine.

    As I read your post I am also reading between the lines. it is not that you have hidden stuff there; I suspect it is more that there are probably not the words to express what else is happening in hands, head and heart. particularly so as you are writing for those of us who have absolutely no idea of what your daily life is like. If it were just this one day I could possibly get my head around it, but this is your daily life, day in,day out. I can not begin to imagine what it is like living in what is ostensibly corruptly controlled chaos.

    Mate, your posts so often hit me hard; and probably a hit I need every now and then to bring me back to a reality about the world and me very privileged place in it. You remind me over and over again that I continuity need to examine my privilege and seek to turn it into responsibility. This is a tough call as it means swimming against the time. Mind you, yours is tougher call. My appreciation for you continues and increases.

    Cheers mate. Enjoy the home made red, but not too much.


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