Attending to other business

It’s quiet on the blog-front. This is because my mother died suddenly last week. We flew home to Australia the same day and are now dealing with this death, just a year after my dad died. Grief, exhaustion and a fair bit of chaos are the dominant themes.

13 thoughts on “Attending to other business

  1. I am so sorry to hear this news, Phil. I hope that connecting with community in perth reveals divine love and comfort for you – our prayers are with you as always. much love, Rach.

  2. I read that in the West. May you know God’s peace and strength as you deal with all the emotions, paperwork and grieving, etc…..

  3. Shedding tears at this sad news mate. Wish I was there, just to be close.
    Really sorry about your Mum, especially so soon after your Dad.
    I love you Phil

  4. dear phil,

    so sorry to hear. i hope amidst the chaos and grief you find some solace and support.
    love and peace from afar…


  5. Sorry to hear Phil, hope that things get better soon.

    Caught your talk tonight on Afghanistan at the Greens/Ludlam event (I was staffing the RRAN (Refugee Rights Action Network) stall). Was awesome to hear your perspective on the issues discussed and you portrayed it in quite a beautiful and comprehensive manner. I walked away with what I felt as a much clearer understanding of the issues. Also really liked your perspective on the aid involvement in the country, answered quite a bit. Cheers, Sarah.

    • Thanks Sarah. For me it was good to get out and talk about something important to me, and have a break from dealing with my mother’s death.

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