You know we hope for a good tomorrow in South Africa
But if we don’t learn to do for ourselves as equals, that hope will disappear. Disappear!
And my people will grow tired.
And if they grow tired, they will grow angry
And angry will grow violent.
And there will be no good tomorrow, for any people.

This is from the old film, the Power of One. A very revisionist, white-man-superhero film. Awful in lots of ways, but these few words are true, as are many others in the film. And when I hear them, I think of Afghanistan.

We buried my mother on Monday. We buried a lot of hopes and plans for the future with her, and there is a lot of sadness and uncertainty ahead. Already the path is marked with tensions, grief and strain. We have lost a lot of anchors, this last year, and Mum was the centre in all that.

I wish we had longer with her. Mum, you left too early.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Phil,
    You sound like someone who is pulling themselves, bruised and battered, from underneath a rockslide. All we who read your blog can do is hope and pray (where appropriate) for gradual healing of the bruises and for new anchors and firm signposts as you and your family pick themselves up, which they must.

    God bless,


  2. Haven’t looked at your blog in a while Phil – so sorry to hear about your mum, condolences to your family. I know you are all very close it must be an awful time.

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