White space and packing

Sorry for all the white space here readers. Your author has had nothing much to say. I’ll try to find some creativity in the next weeks as we wrap things up here, and summarise the key points, salient trends and offer humorous and provoking insights into life in a conflict zone.

But in the meantime we are just going through the mundane stuff of packing up our home again.

We have written a thankyou note to those who have supported us over the years, and I reproduce a section here:


6 thoughts on “White space and packing

  1. Hi Phil, Many thoughts from our space are still with you. It sounds as if its been a rough time for all of you. Hoping there are some good things on the horizon and that there are nurturing spaces provided in Perth for you. selfishly I look forward to crossing paths in Perth one day too. Kath x

  2. I say this with all sincerity: your leaving means this place will be less bright, but wherever you and your family are, I know that space will be brighter for your presence.

    I’ve known you only through the blog, but here’s to you and yours: may your journey from this point be at least smoother than the one through this place.

    • Thanks Dan. It is a hard leaving, but it still seems right. I’ll keep recommending your writings to our team here – we need it.

  3. hey mate, while we’d love to read more, you can always write about it when you’re back home. just make sure you soak up the time you’ve got left there – and do things like having lunch at the kebob shop on flower st… take care, love kezza

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