A break from Afghanistan.

You know you need a break from Afghanistan when…

– you no longer bother to clean weevils from your porridge.

– you hum the Call to Prayer as a little song

– you become unreasonably angry when Afghans park their cars in the middle of intersection

– a 7.0 earthquake strikes and you don’t even bother getting up

– you no longer get angry when Afghans park their cars in the middle of an intersection, in fact its kind of cute.

– you take sleeping tablets to get through the night

– there is small arms fire and explosions on the nearby hill and you don’t even look up, or call it in as a security concern.

– bits fall off your car and you don’t bother to put them back on.

– you call ‘a visit to Bush Bazaar’ an outing.

– the cracks in your heels begin to look like a section of the Grand Canyon

– you can no longer be bothered to go to Bush Bazaar

– you start parking your car in the middle on an intersection

– the sleeping tablets don’t work

– you reattach the terminals to your car battery with a hammer and nails

– you know longer call your wife by her name, but refer to her as, ‘Mother of my children’

– you hum the icecream man’s tune as a little song

– others hum along with you


Well, it is more than a break we are taking. I don’t have it in me to write more at present, but the above gives you some idea of where things were at. I will follow this up soon.



7 thoughts on “A break from Afghanistan.

  1. love your work mate. classic.
    i look forward to the expanded version…

    hope you and the mother and children are re-adjusting reasonably.
    love and peace, kezza

  2. Hope we get a chance to meet up. If you are interested shoot me an email. We are still in Perth.Would love to have your family over for a meal when its good for you. Renee and Bryan

  3. Loving hearing from you. Did the mother of your children neglect to put back on a piece of your car which had fallen off while you were stopped in the middle of an intersection reattaching your terminals to your car battery with hammer and nails (and humming the call to prayer over the nearby small arms fire) because you’d decided and you weren’t going to the Bush Bazaar after all? I hope you find sleep, weevil-less porridge and a good moisturiser here, at the very least.

  4. I like your funny and true humor… I don’t really know if I laugh or if I cry.. It is so true that Afghanistan can make us become a little “different”.

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