A few observations

I have a little space and time now, from recent events, to make some observations about how we live here in this modern, civilised, developed world.

We live fragmented lives. We have our groups of friends, and by and large, they do not overlap. They are our ‘work’ friends, our ‘school’ friends, our ‘church’ friends, our ‘neighbours’, our ‘family’. Each occupies a separate sphere, and we travel in fast cars long distances to intersect with these groups, but these groups do not overlap of themselves. This is in stark contrast to how we lived in Afghanistan, where neighbours, family, work/ school/ church/ friends were all the same, composite group. This allowed for intimacy, a quality that I think we no longer understand here.

Forgiveness, apology, reconciliation, restoration – just simply, ‘sorry’ – this is a language not spoken in this modern, secular, developed world. This is an archaic, Christian language. Here, responsibility for hurt is depersonalised, industrialised, diffused, dissolved. It is dealt with through policy reviews, legal compensations, procedure. It is not, a human process.

Everyone is busy, most of the time. Being busy means no time for little human moments.

It is so easy to do stuff here. A phone call, a visit to the bank, a license for a car – it takes moments. 

I love the smell of spring.

I have very high cholesterol levels, the legacy no doubt of too much Afghan cooking, too little exercise. Too much of that excellent Bush Bazaar butter

5 thoughts on “A few observations

  1. hi Phil,
    thanks for the observations. do you have a section for canberra friends?
    i have some subscriptions which help a bit: eureka street, crikey.com, the monthly.
    peace to you, and to the lovely folk who dwell within your walls.

  2. My comment is not just about this last article that you posted, but over all your past articles also.

    You are the one who came from “another world” . It would be nice if everyone could have seen what you saw and lived what you have lived… If this were possible the world would not be the same anymore . Maybe the world would love more and become less selfish and less individualistic.

    “The voice of one calling in the wilderness” …

    Do not accept being ‘one more in the crowd’, but do not “kill yourself ” because you are feeling like an “alien ” (that’s my impression and I know it not mean that I’m right).
    Be the voice of one calling in the wilderness, but don’t feel hurt by not being understood (1 Samuel 8.7b).

    Jesus also was not understood.

    God bless you.

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