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Article about us/ Afghanistan recently published in our local newspaper. The point we were trying to make is twofold:

1. Australian is wasting a lot of money sending refugees to Pacific islands AND is looking dangerously like a racist, mean-spirited country in doing so AND probably leaves Australia open to charges of breaching international covenants to which it is a signatory. It would be far cheaper, better for the nation’s job market, generally more humane AND morally right to allow a long term (say 10 year) significant increase in refugee quota from selected countries. Grow up Australia! There are refugees in the world! Europe and America have been dealing with this reality for centuries, and are the better for it.

2. Growing up in, and living in a place like Afghanistan builds all kinds of good things into a person. A sense of mission, meaning, justice, global-mindedness, integrity between faith and life, a sense of what is important, opportunity to contribute and to care. Of course there are some security risks too. But growing up in Australia can be a real danger to a person’s moral development. And there are still security risks. Who’s to say Afghanistan is such a crazy choice of place to live?


2 thoughts on “Recent article

  1. Currently visiting Hazaras in detention in Perth at the moment. They have come here because they could not access resettlement methods and their friends are still going to come here even though they know they will most likely be sent to Nauru because they have no other choice. “Deterrence” is clearly not working, nor ever will.

  2. Plato said about Socrates that he was like a fly for Athens…
    Flies are disturbers, it doesn’t allow us to be comfortable…
    You are like a fly (in the good way)…
    I love your way to think but probably you sometimes (or often) get some “stones” throwing in you… It is the price for be different and it is okey, it is worth…

    God bless you.

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