Image of the Sudan

I am here for some TEAR work.
Flying to Dubai feels like a real flight. People are calm, absorbed in movies or sleeping. Flying to Sudan is more like being in a bus with wings. Seating is more or less optional, business and economy class demarcations arbitrary. People wandered around the plane as though at a picnic, swapping stories, haranguing the stewards, snapping their fingers for coffee and tea. I would not have been surprised to see chickens and goats fall out of the lockers. The passenger next to me had uncontrollable flatulence, and the one behind me had restless leg syndrome. Or perhaps he was simply perverse, for he kept kicking my seat the entire flight.

We now need to wait till we get our travel permits to fly to K and N. Probably by Tuesday. In the meantime, we have mushy weekbix, English style for breakfast and instant coffee. There are lots of cockroaches, and speedy, vicious ants.

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