Colour in Kenya

We have left the Sudan and are in Kenya. A sleep-denying 3.50am flight, 90 minutes in a taxi and we were at the hotel by 8.00am, in time to be utterly exhausted and completely wide awake.

But Kenya is colorful.

L1000910In many ways.



After the austerity of Darfur, Nairobi seems some kind of decadent UN paradise.


I think I prefer the non-paradise option.


One thought on “Colour in Kenya

  1. Very funny your first picture…

    Sometimes I think that people who has this “crazy calling” burning in the heart is a kind of “bizarre people”. Your frase “I think I prefer the non-paradise option” can look “masochist”. But in fact, this flame which burn in our heart, the light in us is “longing for darkness”, because light was made to shine in the darkness. May this flame keep burning in your heart, may your desire to be in the non-paradise keep strong in your heart, till the day that you will be in the real paradise.

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