Images of nostalgia

We had a visit from Lyn, who along with her husband, is now working in Kabul. We spent the whole night talking Afghanistan. Lyn quoted a mutual friend, who, after returning to their home country after 10 years in Afghanistan, found her son sad one night.

‘I miss me’, he said. ‘I miss the person I was.’

“I love to have fun. I love my family. I love this beautiful planet earth. The reason why I choose this car is because it will”


Relax, it’s an air rifle.

Halfway up TV mountain.

Rachel and her good friend.

The boys

Game of Settlers. Check out the leopard print skirt on the vegetarian!

We do hold a not-so-secret dream to return to Afghanistan. I hope we remain faithful to that dream. Life here in Australia is full of easy seductions and we all miss the meaning our lives had, but a year and a half back here, we are doing ok.


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