Images from Bamiyan.

Friends invited me to join with them on a day flight to Bamiyan, in the central Hazarajat.
We flew over the wonderful Band-i-Amir lakes, copper colouring the water a fantastic blue.

We saw the Buddha caves, of course. I remember when they were destroyed, the bemused response from Mullah Omar to the outrage of the world – ‘They are just stones – do you not care for the suffering of the Afghan people?’

We then drove out to Shahar Zohak – the Red City – a very ancient, and large destroyed fort complex, some 2000 ft up a steep climb. The minerals are right in front of you in these hills:

Reds, blues, greys, magenta, yellow and the deep green of the valley floor.

Of top of  the fort complex was a small bunker, from the Soviet era.

And an old gun.

It was good to get out of Kabul.

2 thoughts on “Images from Bamiyan.

  1. Thank you for your posts and photos, Phil. Best wishes to Julie and your children who must miss you.

    If must be really nice to be remembered by people in Kabul, and nice for them too to be remembered by you when so many people have left.

    I am phobic of sea creatures and would much rather visit Afghanistan than swim (I can’t surf) at some of the notorious WA beaches!

    May our children not walk in the dust.

  2. Stunning images of the countryside Phil. Your writing over several years has spoken of the contrasts of the people but I had no idea that the physical landscape was as dramatic. Hope you and your family are well

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