It was a good month. We got a lot done. Security infrastructure and procedures, team building and support to projects, consensus building with other agencies.

I got home on Sunday night, and while a privilege to have been in Afghanistan, it was also lovely to be back with my family.

On Wednesday, I briefed our Executive Director on what I had done, and my thoughts about the future. I mentioned that I thought another attack on an NGO were likely, within the next two or so months.

On Thursday morning, two of our staff were shot and killed, in downtown Herat, while going shopping. They were long term workers in Afghanistan, fluent in Dari, culturally sensitive, careful and experienced. No motive for the attack can so far be discerned.

I had worked closely with one of these women, over the years. I saw here just last Saturday, before she flew to Herat. She had just arrived back in Afghanistan, after some time back in her home country. We talked about her future work. It was good to see her again.

It is a hard path ahead.




3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. So sorry. Ugh. No words seem appropriate. But just wanted to comment and let you know I still read / follow. And your family and ministry still enter my thoughts more often than makes sense and those thoughts are accompanied by prayer for safety and wisdom and rest and peace. Renee

    • Thanks Renee. It was a bad end to a good month, and terrible, pointless death for two good women. The consequences for our work will be very, very tough.

  2. Dear Phil, We followed your time in Afghanistan and breathed a sigh of relief when you returned home to the family safely, with a lot of sorting out done. But we were so shocked and sad to hear of the death of two NGOs. We immediately rang Ray Arthur as we feared it might be Joan Macke,. but fortunately she is still in Australia. But what sadness for the community of NGOs, the families of these two women and Afghanistan people. Afghanistan and the NGOs are in our prayers daily. Grace and Peace Gwenyth and Peter

    ***************************************** Peter and Gwenyth Graham 14 Kingsway, Nedlands, WA 6009 P(h): 08 9386 3097 0420285229 Email: gagraham@iinet.net.au *****************************************

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