Short pieces

I write columns, short stories, articles, op-ed.s, reviews, essays and critiques for the New Yorker, the London Review of Books, New Scientist, Old Scientist, the Seattle Enquirer, Food Lover’s Guide to Hamster Care, the Daily Slumpette and other major newspapers, political magazines and literary journals worldwide.

Sometimes they even get published.


  • Afghanistan. A Reprieve. Written as an attempt to understand the magnetic attraction of an awful, beautiful place like Afghanistan. Published in Target Magazine, 2006.afghanistan-a-reprieve.pdf
  • Half a Truth.    The ambiguities of aid work. Published in Target Magazine, 2001. half-a-truth.pdf
  • A Return to Afghanistan. Written after I went back in immediately post September 11. It was a hard time for me, and this was an article written in tears.  Published in Target Magazine, 2002. a-return-to-afghanistan.pdf
  •  Peshwar to Kabul, overland. Semi-humorous piece describing a journey through the Khyber Pass to Kabul, 2000, Taliban times. A journey I have done too many times to forget, though I try. travels-in-wild-places-article.pdf

Short stories

  • Leaving Amritsar. We lived in Delhi for a year in 1996 and travelled to Pakistan in May of that year. Published in Lies, all Lies, UWA Press 1998. leaving-amritsar.pdf