Images from the Palace

Our good friend Cam T is visiting us from Western Australia. We decided to wander the old, ruined Darulaman Palace together. The guards were initially reluctant, pointing out that we needed ‘a letter of permission’ to enter, though I am not sure who would issue such a pass. Perhaps they meant a different kind of letter. But with a little encouragement, the chief guard, who had a split lip and a loud voice, relented, though not before pointing out some areas where a little donation would help. I demurred.

From within the ruined old palace, the new Parliament takes shape.

We climbed a few internal staircases, somewhat hidden away, and there in a roof space was a pile of school books. It was odd.

The fallen ceiling. It was quite beautiful, the way it hung, a lattice of plaster and wire.

From an upper window. Clearly, someone had been hidden there, sniping at people below. 

On our way out, we passed the guards, and I slipped them 500Afs. I’ll come again, with other visitors, and I’d like to keep the relationship cordial. Needless to say though, the guards looked disgusted at the paltriness of my thanks. ‘500Afs? What use is that?’


Today we learnt that our bush property in the South West of WA has been largely burnt in the bush fires. My uncle’s house is destroyed; my parent’s home damaged. It is hard to be so far away, and the shock has an unreality to it.


6 thoughts on “Images from the Palace

  1. I wondered about your folk’s place as soon as I heard where the fire was. #%$@!!
    The only bright side is no loss of life to my knowledge.
    Wish I was there with you and Cam!

    We had Breakfast Club in your absence while I was back in WA, great to be together with Hugh and Broady.

    I love the fact that you are writing a lot more frequently at present, always great to see and hear what’s happening.

    As always, take care

  2. Just found your blog after a suggestion from a friend. So sorry to hear the bush fires have destroyed so much – it must be hard to be so far away at this time and not be here with your extended family.
    I really liked this post – your photos are compelling and show a remnant of beauty in destruction. Beauty survives all.

  3. Just found your photos of Maimana when I was researching a rug I bought here in Fremantle, then was surprised to see you have a home in WA, then saddened to see you and your family have been devastated by the Margaret River fires. The gentle irony of your post on ruined but beautiful buildings then your own losses. My sympathies to you, your family and, no doubt, your friends and neighbours.

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